Katherine Feiel has always had a fascination
with fabric and design.

Raised by a textile artist, she spent her childhood learning creative and technical sewing skills, designing and sewing clothes for herself, her family and friends. This developed into a love of costume and Katherine spent a few years designing costumes before she discovered a passion for wedding and special occasion gowns.

She apprenticed with Fairy Fashion Wedding Gowns for several years and purchased the business in 2007. She currently designs under two labels katherinefeiel.com and faeriebrides.com.

Katherine collects vintage fabrics: beaded silks and wools, tapestries, handmade laces and vintage wedding gowns, using these discarded gems to create new pieces. She finds many beautifully beaded garments with an outdated cut. Instead of discarding, she gives this fabric new life by incorporating it into one of her designs.

Gowns are bespoke, which is a tradition of custom tailoring which uses the exact measurements of the clients body and requires no fittings or alterations. Each gown is fully guaranteed to fit perfectly and may be shipped worldwide.

Following the slow fashion movement, Katherine believes that fashion should be ethical and only buys fairly traded products when purchasing raw materials from developing nations. Each gown is sewn by her and becomes a labor of love, some taking many weeks because of the detail and work involved.

Katherine endorses healthy beauty practices for all members of the fashion industry and believes healthy mind and body are the most beautiful of all.

Katherine Feiel